Wilfreds Wholesale has been importing retail goods for several years. Whilst it has been a successful venture, we, like many others were never prepared for the onslaught of natural disasters and pandemics to hit Australia in late 2019 and early 2020. These events have caused many small Australian businesses to suffer huge economic losses.

The management team has had a rethink on what is important to provide for the Australian public, and as a result, Wilfreds Wholesale will make the transition into becoming a distributor/marketing platform for local/national producers of all types of goods. We would like to help small businesses get back on track, especially ones that have no huge budgets, no online presence, no way of being able to afford expensive marketing or promotional material.

If you are an Australian small business (or even just a sole trader with an ABN with a product to sell), get in touch with us as we would love to help you. Whether you sell pottery, artwork, pure honey, vegetables, socks, music videos or anything locally made/produced, we want to help you sell it.

Whats the Catch?

Yep, fair call. Nobody gives you something for nothing. Wilfreds Wholesale wants to help Australian made producers get their products out to the market, without it costing a fortune. Obviously we are in the business of making money, however, we want to ensure we don’t rip our own neighbours off. We ask that we put a 5% costing on all products we sell for you. You get your original price paid to you, we keep the rest. ie: your $50 item gets sold for $52.50 on our store, you get the $50, we keep the $2.50.

That doesn’t sound like you make much money?

No it doesn’t. And the reason is because that small amount is just to cover the costs of advertising with Facebook/Instagram/Google and a host of other platforms that we at Wilfreds Wholesale already do anyway. We will just increase the frequency and reach of advertising with the extra funding, and target specific groups that match your product.

Any product that we sell for a local Australian business, will also be exempt from our shipping charges. So no, we won’t be double dipping. We normally charge a $3.95 shipping fee, which we usually keep all to ourselves. But we will waive this fee for your Australian products, and only keep the 5% listing fee for ourselves.

How do get my stock to your warehouse?

You Don’t. That’s the best part. You keep your stock with you at your home/business/tent/caravan. Doing it this way means less problems. Stock won’t get lost on the way to the warehouse (located in Labrador, QLD if anyone was curious), it can’t sit around getting dust, getting broken, getting stolen, getting flooded or anything else. We can’t make any errors sending it out.

This is especially handy for those who produce stock on an as-ordered basis (produce hampers, custom jewellery, etc). Here’s how it works:

  • Customer orders online with us
  • Email sends to you with details of order
  • You prepare stock, then ship it out directly to customer
  • You log into our web portal and change the order status and provide further information of tracking
  • Customer gets products directly from you, no middle person to bugger things up.
  • Customer gets invoice from us

Hang on, why am I doing all the work?

Another good question. And the answer is, so you can get in direct contact with your customer, and increase your sales and marketing without having to do the advertising. We want to help you grow, the more money you make, the more can be reinvested into Australia.

We also believe this is the best model to eliminate problems with logistics. If the product comes directly from the supplier, there is usually no further problems with us doing the wrong thing. We simply provide a platform for your product to get out into the market, and give you pretty low cost advertising and marketing.

What are my restrictions?

There are literally no real restrictions. Wilfreds Wholesale has come up with a model for Australian small businesses so that we can all help each other. You are welcome to provide products to us for sale for as short or as long as you want. No lock-in contracts, no minimum times you must stay with us. If you want to include your own marketing material in your deliveries, we highly encourage that. If your customer wants to deal directly with you at a later date and bypass us, that’s absolutely fine as well.

We don’t ask to be exclusive. If you want to try other ways of selling your product, that’s totally fine as well. We will never ask that we are the only place that you can get your product from, that’s not in the best interests of growing small businesses, or local producers of Australian goods getting a leg up.

OK, I’m a little interested!

Good, that was the idea. If you want to get in contact with us to discuss putting your products on our website, then email us at sellwithus@wilfredswholesale.com.au or give us a call during business hours on (07) 5655 4376

We would love to have you on board, and we hope that you spread the word to others who are struggling.